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TRYTE TECHNOLOGY (H. K) LIIMITED TRYTE TECHNOLOGY (HuNan) DEVELOPMENT Co. Ltd As a diversified manufacturer of high-tech products, TRYTE Group was founded in 1999 and includes TRYTE Technology (HK) Limited and TRYTE (Hunan) Development Co., Ltd. They devoted to the products, sales and technical service for various industries and fields like Energy Analysis Instrument, Oil, Coal, Steel, and Geology; Medical Analysis and application instruments, Biochemistry Analyzer, Elisa Reader, Blood Analyzer, and Urine; As well as Laboratory application instruments, Balance, ICP, DRS, HPLC, Gas Chromatography, and Spectrophotometer. Meanwhile, TRYTE Technologies integrated and purchased some companies of PCB board, highway instruments at home and abroad. Our company has become the "one stop" instrument procurement service provider worthy of the name. TRYTE technologies (TRYTE) mainly sell products by selling direct to customer, but also through distributors, resellers and manufacturer representatives, telephone sales and e-commerce sales, customers cover all over 80% of the worlds countries and regions. TRYTE have solutions with rules adaptability according to the specific requirements of the design, from the instrument to some laboratories or departments. Whichever kind of solution you choose, you can fully trust it, because it is proved from 100, 00 successful results, leading development process, and decades of actual certification experience.
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    If necessary, please contact us in the following ways: TEL: 86-734-8770418
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    Foreign trade through the technical team, in the years of Gas Chromatograph , Liquid Chromatograph , Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer , Geology Instrument , Coal Testing Instrument , Petroleum Products , Analysis Instrument , Refrigerate Freezer Machine , Element Analyzer , PCP Board Related Products , Other based on the painstakingly created a new
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    We are B2B e-commerce site; At present, efforts to foreign trade through the market area of the world around the country and region, so
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